One step closer to getting to bottom of College of DuPage finances

In an attempt to get answers to questions concerning the governance of the College of DuPage, Representative Jeanne Ives introduced a resolution directing the Auditor General to conduct a performance audit.  House Resolution 55 cleared its first hurdle today passing out of committee unanimously and advancing to the House Floor. 

Under the resolution, the performance audit would be paid by the College of
DuPage and  would include the following determinations:
  • College of DuPage's sources of revenues during Fiscal Years 2011 through 2014
  • College of DuPage's expenditures, by broad category, during Fiscal Years 2011 through 2014;
  • Whether the Board is carrying out its responsibilities required by Board policy, including annually evaluating the College President; annually reviewing the financial performance of the College and causing an audit to be made; adopting the annual financial plan of the College; adopting a comprehensive Strategic Long Range Plan; and reviewing the President's annual report on the outcomes of the College;
  • Whether the Board is meeting its fiduciary responsibilities and ensuring compliance with the Public Community College Act and Board policies, including those related to the investment of College funds, procurements and contracts, construction activities, and budget transfers; and
  • Whether the compensation and severance packages provided to the College of DuPage President are comparable to compensation and severance packages provided to Presidents of other Illinois Community Colleges, and whether changes to the College President's compensation package are properly approved.

House Republicans have taken the lead in addressing concerns that the College of DuPage has mismanaged taxpayer dollars by introducing legislation aimed at protecting taxpayers. 

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