Republican Lawmakers from around the state respond to the State of the State Address

House Republicans respond to Gov. Rauner's State-of-the-State Address.

Leader Jim Durkin (Burr Ridge)
"Governor Rauner was very bold...and it is what the people of Illinois want to hear: How we're going to get out of this debt spiral. Its about a long term plan to turn the state of Illinois around." Watch the video.

Rep. Norine Hammond (Macomb)
“For years, I have been pushing for reforms to Medicaid, unemployment insurance, and our Workers Compensation system. I am pleased to hear Governor Rauner highlight some of these problems that we can address to attract jobs back to Illinois..”

Rep. Charlie Meier (Okawville)
"We can’t afford to keep losing our population and jobs to our border states.  I am pleased our Governor recognizes the problem and has a plan to turn Illinois around."

Rep. Margo McDermed (Mokena)
“Governor Rauner has set the right priorities: creating good jobs, providing families with property tax relief and prioritizing education spending."

Rep. Don Moffitt (Gilson)
“I certainly agree with the Governor that education is our number one priority, and I like the idea of reducing government regulations to make it easier for businesses to work in Illinois."

Rep. Brian Stewart (Freeport)
“Governor Rauner made it clear that Illinois has many difficult challenges ahead. However, he outlined a promising plan to create jobs and provided solutions to get the economy thriving again through commonsense reforms."

Rep. Sheri Jesiel (Winthrop Harbor)
"Gov. Rauner is clearly not afraid to meet the challenges our state is facing head-on."