Hang on Illinois taxpayers, Madigan really wants that temp tax made permanent

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Politicians are like water – they always take the easiest path.

When faced with difficult decisions this year, the Illinois General Assembly sat on its hands and told you a fib. We were told Illinois government is entering a period of “austerity.”

This year’s budget is $850 million more than last year’s.

And folks, most of that extra spending is being paid for through borrowing.

The politicians raided special use funds throughout state government, harvested $650 million and then promised to pay it back in 18 months.

But I haven’t heard anyone explain just how they plan to pay it back.

If we don’t have the money to pay for that extra spending now, how will we have the money in a year and one half to pay for that continued level of spending and pay back the borrowed money? Scott Reeder has the rest of the story at Watchdog.org