House Republicans offer guide to 2014 national spelling bee words

On Thursday morning, five Illinois students competed in the semifinals of the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee. Christine Alex of Chicago, Meghana Kaminei of Lockport, Alia Abiad of Western Springs, Lucas Urbanski of Crystal Lake and Yasir Hasnain of Forsyth all correctly spelled their first round words. Alia Abiad made it to the finals Thursday night.

As words in the National Spelling Bee can sometimes be obscure, members of the House Republican Caucus demonstrate the everyday use of the terms the Illinois spellers successfully tackled in Thursday's opening semifinal round. Congratulations to all five students on their success!

Rep. Dennis Reboletti fustigates House Rules after a motion is denied.
Rep. Barbara Wheeler engages in cataphora during a discussion in committee.

As one of the House Republicans’ chief floor debaters, Rep. Ron Sandack often has to balance
many bills like an expert funambulist.
Rep. Brad Halbrook stops to talk with  Reps. Bob Pritchard and Brian Stewart during a 
periplus around the House floor.
Rep. David Harris makes sure to properly concinnate his papers before using them in debate.