House Dems blow-up agreed revenue caps

$37.4 billion in budget bills passed out of the House tonight and will be considered by the Senate in the coming week. The amount was nearly $3 billion more than the revenue numbers agreed upon in a bipartisan resolution passed by the House and Senate. The increase in spending prompted House Republicans to withhold their votes because of constitutional questions and the need for a tax hike to pay for it.

Here's what our members are saying:

Leader Jim Durkin:  The budget passed by Democrats today ignores the constitution, and ignores the taxpayers.  It’s what is wrong with state government.

Rep. Joe Sosnowski:  Hardworking taxpayers can't afford another tax increase and raising taxes does nothing to help the 550,000 unemployed Illinoisans to find work.

Rep. Wayne Rosenthal: Despite their promises, the Democrats, due to their irresponsible pattern of spending, have no other option than to call for making the tax hike permanent to balance this budget.

Rep. Mike Bost:  Today’s state budget spends more money than what the State of Illinois has in the bank account.

Rep. Charlie Meier:  When the Democrats passed their income tax increase in January 2011, they promised it was merely a temporary solution to pay off old bills, but the truth of the matter is Illinois still owes billions in unpaid bills.  Now, they’re passing a budget that will force it to be made permanent.

Rep. Adam Brown:  Once again this year, our state’s budget is being rammed through in a partisan fashion with no input from the rank and file and very little opportunity for sunshine.

Rep. Michael Tryon:  After reviewing the budget bills that were approved by House Democrats today, I now understand why Republicans were asked to leave the budget work session groups. Their ultimate spending plan completely disregards a spending ceiling that they themselves agreed to back in February. It also guarantees the temporary income tax hike of 2011 will be extended.

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