Gone, but tax increases are not forgotten

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Members of the General Assembly left Springfield this evening and are not scheduled to return until the fall veto session.  But Illinoisans shouldn’t be lulled into believing they’re safe from tax increases or other shenanigans. Like a hungry shark circling just off the shore, Illinois Democrats’ insatiable appetite for more tax revenue just keeps coming back, again and again.

The 2015 Democrat-passed budget spends $8,000,000 more than the revenue estimates unanimously agreed upon by the House earlier this year. Moments after the budget plan passed in the House, Senate President John Cullerton confirmed in an interview with The Associated Press that Democrats would be pushing their tax increase proposals anew after the November election.

The ploy is reminiscent of the January 2011 lame duck session where votes by outgoing legislators were the deciding factor in passing a 67% tax increase.  Incidentally, after voting for the tax hike seven lame duck lawmakers ended up getting high-paying government jobs.

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