Protecting victims from further violence

With a unanimous recommendation for passage of HB3744 by the House’s Judiciary Committee on Monday, a bill that strengthens laws that protect victims of violent crimes is headed to the House floor for a full debate.

According to State Representative Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake), the Chief Sponsor of HB3744, the bill was filed in response to the brutal murder of an Antioch woman whose ex-boyfriend ignored an order of protection that had been issued against him. “Diane Kephart went through the proper process and had an order of protection put in place against her ex-boyfriend after he was charged with aggravated domestic battery with a deadly weapon,” said Wheeler. “He ignored the order and brutally murdered her one month later. Through House Bill 3744, a judge could mandate that a GPS device be placed on an accused violent offender as a condition of bail.”  Read more about this important legislation.