10 Stars You Didn't Know Were Illinois Natives

Some of the most legendary names in television and entertainment are originally from Illinois! These men and women have made us laugh and given life to some of the most unforgettable characters of all time; and one has transcended her famous family’s legacy to forge her own successful career in journalism, public service and recognized charitable work with the Special Olympics; an organization her mother founded. Can you guess her name and which other stars are Illinois natives? Who would you add to the list?

Betty White (actress and TV star)
Born January 17, 1922 in
Oak Park, Illinois

Buddy Ebsen (star of The Beverly Hillbillies)
Born April 2, 1908 in
Belleville, Illinois

Cindy Crawford (model)
Born February 20, 1966 in
DeKalb, Illinois

Gary Coleman (child star and actor, Diff’rent Strokes)
Born February 8, 1968 in
Zion, Illinois

Jane Lynch (actress and Glee star)
Born July 14, 1960 in
Dolton, Illinois

John Belushi (Actor and comedian)
born January 24, 1949
Chicago, Illinois

Jim Belushi (Actor and comedian)
born June 15, 1954
Chicago, Illinois

Maria Shriver (former NBC television journalist, former first Lady of California, International Board member of the Special Olympics)
Born November 6, 1955 in
Chicago, Illinois

Sean Hayes (actor and comedian, Will & Grace star)
Born June 25, 1970 in Chicago
Raised in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Walt Disney (legendary animator and film producer)
Born December 5, 1901 in
Chicago, Illinois

*Photos credit www.imdb.com