Updated: House Republicans Unanimously Oppose Tax Hike Proposal

Representatives Ron Sandack (at podium), Patti Bellock,
Jeanne Ives, David McSweeney, Tom Morrison, Darlene
Senger and Ed Sullivan explain to the media why they
oppose a tax increase for Illinoisans. 
At a recent  press conference to discuss the latest call to renew a tax increase proposal, Rep. Ron Sandack told reporters that all 47 Republicans in the Illinois House oppose a graduated income tax.

A group of suburban Republican state lawmakers said Wednesday that no House GOP members will vote for a graduated income tax, a system that taxes people based on how much they earn.
At a Chicago news conference, state Rep. David McSweeney of Barrington Hills touted his resolution opposing the idea, which has garnered nearly enough support so far in the Illinois House to block a change. Mike Riopell has the story in the Daily Herald.