Certified Firearms Instructors can apply for concealed carry license starting today

Illinois State Police have opened the Firearm Concealed Carry application process to Certified Firearms Instructors, giving them access to apply for their Concealed Carry License starting today, Wednesday, December 18, 2013, in advance of the January 5, 2014, deadline.

The statute requires that Certified Instructors be eligible for a Concealed Carry License. Early access to the application process will provide applicants with an opportunity to obtain their license and test the application system.  With nearly 2,000 Certified Firearms Instructors currently listed on the ISP Concealed Carry website, officials anticipate that instructor applications will serve as a test for workload capacities.  Officials see this as a necessary step to ensure the integrity of a system which is expected to process more than 400,000 applications during the first year.

Instructors can access the ISP Concealed Carry Licensing website on Wednesday, December 18, to electronically submit a concealed carry license application.  Instructions for accessing the site will be emailed to instructors currently registered with the ISP.  Instructors may also call the ISP Firearms Services Bureau Customer Service Line at 217-782-7980 with any questions.

The Department’s Concealed Carry website address can also be accessed through http://www.isp.state.il.us/.  The ISP will continue to regularly update its Concealed Carry FAQ’s on the new website with information regarding the Illinois Concealed Carry process.