Wheeler bill helps families take care of seniors

Rep. Barb Wheeler
Working with local property tax assessors and home healthcare providers, State Rep. Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) has introduced House Bill 3715, a measure aimed at helping families take care of their loved ones at home.  This measure would take a commonly used property tax exemption and extend it should a property owner make improvements or additions to their home as long as those improvements are being used to care for a disabled person or senior citizen living in their home.

Illinois law currently allows for a four year Homestead Improvement Exemption.  A homeowner can exempt new improvements made to their house from their property tax assessment up to the fair cash value added or $75,000.  This exemption expires after four years.  House Bill 3715 will extend the exemption for as long as the disabled person or senior is living in that home.  This will allow more families to keep their loved ones close while they seek care and assistance for them. Read more about Rep. Wheeler's initiative.