Internet Safety for Digital Families

Let’s face it, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, smart phones, tablets, texting and the never-ending introduction of new technological gadgetry and apps will continue to be a growing part of your family’s daily lives. There is no getting around it -- digital media is a fact of life for our families.

Children, parents and grandparents look to the the web for news, entertainment, information, and purchases. They are using it to communicate with friends, family, and yes, even their elected officials. They are also sharing their life stories through posts, photos, videos, website viewing and online sales. That’s a lot of information and that’s where you must take care because this digital world can also hold dangers: scams, cyber bullying, predators and identity thieves threaten our families’ safety and financial security.

It is as important to understand how your story and personal information are being used by legitimate sources as it is by those wanting to steal your identity, or worse do you or your loved ones harm. Its critical to know what your children are doing online to protect their future and their safety. But, keeping up can be overwhelming. On this site we’ll arm you with the latest information and resources you’ll need to cope with the digital world and keep your families safe. Check back often and be sure to offer suggestions for columns and share your questions, we’ll contact the experts and provide the answers here.

Internet safety conversation starter
In the meantime, take this Internet Safety Quiz with your kids and use it as an opportunity to talk to them about the consequences of not taking proper precautions when they are using their digital devices.