Who Am I? Illinois State Amphibian

In 2004 Illinoisans agreed and I made the list. I live in forests, pastures, orchards and prairies as well as parking lots and even housing developments as long as water is nearby.  I have a big cat name but a cat I am not.  Who am I?  

The Eastern Tiger Salamander 
 Illinois state amphibian: Eastern Tiger Salamander 

Then Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn and Rep. Bob Biggins (R-Elmhurst) teamed up in 2004 with Brookfield Zoo and the Chicago Herpatological Society to sponsor this first-ever virtual election for an official state symbol.  Six students from Jackson Middle School in Villa Park served as “campaign managers” for the amphibian and reptile candidates.
Students and citizens across the state voted for their favorite amphibian and reptile.  The amphibian candidates were the Gray Tree Frog, American Toad and Eastern Tiger Salamander. Reptile candidates were the Eastern Box Turtle, Common Garter Snake and Painted Turtle.

With the virtual voting booths officially closed as of midnight Friday, December 31, 2004, Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn announced the people’s choice for official Illinois Amphibian is the Eastern Tiger Salamander and the official Illinois Reptile is the Painted Turtle. Read more here.

Election Results
Official Illinois Amphibian                               
Eastern Tiger Salamander 19,217 votes (51%)    
Gray Tree Frog 10,591 votes (28%)                    
American Toad 8,140 votes (21%)                      

Official Illinois Reptile
Painted Turtle 16,742 votes (45%)
Garter Snake 11,925 votes (32%)
Eastern Box Turtle 8,581 votes (23%)