Best Kept Secrets: 12 Sights to See in Illinois has compiled a great list of places to visit in Illinois. Here are our picks for the 12 sights you just gotta see:

1. Two Story Outhouse in Gays, IL

2. World's Largest Catsup Bottle in Collinsville, IL

3. Robert Wadlow Statue, World's Tallest Man in Alton, IL

4. One and Only Hippie Memorial in Arcola, IL

5. Smiley Face Water Tower in Atlanta, IL

6. Home of Popeye in Chester, IL

7. Monument to Jack Brickhouse, Legendary Cubs Announcer in Chicago, IL

8. World's First McDonalds in DesPlaines, IL

9. World's Largest Cross in Effingham, IL

10. Watermelon Monument in Lincoln, IL

11. Home of the White Squirrel in Olney, IL

12. Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame Museum in Pontiac, IL

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