Opinion: Illinois needs to get on a serious weight-loss program

by Rep. Jeanne Ives, in Chicago Tribune on July 12, 2013
"Illinois doesn't need just any pension reform -- Illinois needs real, measurable reform."
Illinois has an unusual weight problem. State leaders’ appetite for grease-laden power and political control has led to a $100 billion crisis that is clogging the arteries and slowing the flow of blood to the heart of Illinois. Figuratively speaking, we Illinoisans can no longer button our pants. The state could eventually collapse into an unresponsive state. A strict weight-loss regimen is necessary.

The first thing a weight-loss coach would recommend is a multipronged approach. First, we have to develop a clear vision for results — perhaps, tape a picture of our slimmer, sexier sister, Indiana, to the refrigerator — followed by psychological counseling for our addictions. Finally, our goals need to be measurable and specific.

But instead of committing to the work that needs to be done, Gov. Pat Quinn’s solution for pension reform is to merely cut out some desserts. Read the rest Rep. Ives column.