Listening to Small Business Owners

The House Republicans know how important small business is for Illinois families and our economy. Small businesses provide the lion's share of Illinois jobs and their owners find ways to live within their means while providing a quality product and/or service. We believe Illinois' small businesses and the people of our state deserve nothing less from their state government. 

In Reboot Illinois, Elliot Richardson, CEO of Small Business Advisory Council, calls on Illinois lawmakers to take some cues from small business. Here is a synopsis of his column

"...A dysfunctional government in Springfield causes uncertainly for small business owners and costs people jobs.

Business owners understand that operating their companies in a smart, and efficient manner, is a critical part of ensuring their viability.  Most also acknowledge that politics can be complicated and policy-making difficult.  However, in talking with thousands of business owners over the past few months, who deal with complicated issues of their own, here are a few suggestions that have been offered to the folks in Springfield.

Focus On Important Matters
Illinois is facing an unprecedented pension crisis, mounting debt and under-funded social service programs.  The State also must consistently fend-off the attempts of other states to raid our businesses... Our legislators must be laser-focused on the critical issues facing Illinois.

Take A Risk
Small business owners take risks all the time.  Whether it is taking a loan on receivables, opening a new location or bringing on a business partner, they understand that taking risks are a necessary part of operating a successful business...Great leaders, in government and business, take risks.

Progress Must Trump Egos
...Small business owners often work with customers, partners and vendors they do not like because it is necessary to get the job done.  The same must be done by our politicians.

The state of affairs in Illinois is no game and small business owners are not pawns on a chess board.  They are employers, vendors and customers.  They are parents, coaches and community leaders.  The small business community relies on our elected officials to handle the State’s business...

Read the column in its entirety at Reboot Illinois.

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