Jim Durkin Hosting 'In the Know' This week

This week, we're fortunate to have State Representative Jim Durkin guest-hosting 'In the Know Illinois'.   He'll be helping man the post every morning to sort through the news of the day and curate the most important news items for everyone to read before their morning meetings.

He's also the Assistant Minority Leader who sits on an accountability committee among others.  You can see his full contact info and committee assignments here on the General Assembly site.

Follow along with Representative Jim Durkin on his Facebook page to see what's going on in Springfield.  He does a good job posting photos from committee meetings.

If you haven't already, You can sign up and subscribe to 'In the Know' via email, twitter, or good-ole-fashioned RSS. You'll be up-to-speed on everything you need to know in the morning and you'll be ready for your morning meetings because we don the reading and skimming, so you don't have to!